Pineapple guava


Thx for the pics.last question.what is your wTer system and shedule on the old and new guavas?


We have the big hedge on drip and try to irrigate once a month after it stops raining. The young ones are on a micro sprinkler line with other trees and get watered weekly for about 20 minutes.


I realize that people in So Cal don’t have to worry about this but I have two pineapple guavas and the seedling, which I prefer, got smacked in our coldest winter in memory. Coolidge sailed through.
John S


My feijoa bushes have just started to bloom. Three seedlings are blooming for the first time. I got them as small twigs from Raintree and planted in March 2014, and transplanted to a different location in January 2016. Three years till first bloom is not bad for a seedling. Grafted feijoas tend to bloom in their second year after planting (and a few even in the first year).

#85 soon can u eat the flowers?


Should have taken more pictures, both my pineapple guavas are flush with flowers now. The first couple I saw was evidently just the tip of the iceberg.


What type of soil are the feijjoas in?


you can eat them as soon as they have stopped growing(at least before they start wilting and still puffy with moisture). Of course they can be eaten at the smallish younger stage, but not much meat…


Do you eat the whole flower or just petals?


The whole flower is edible, but eating just the petals allows that blossom to form a fruit.

Older leaves succumb to cold temperatures more readily than 1- or 2-year-old leaves. Younger plants with a higher percentage of newer leaves may appear less damaged by cold.


it’s just the petals we eat, to permit fruiting. Fruits are fine, but funny as it may sound, we find the petals better-tasting than the fruits.


Clay loam. They do okay in sandier soil too.


had no idea you could eat the petals…will have to give that a try.


most ‘edible flowers’ have the typical vegie taste to them, and hardly any sweet and no fruity flavor. Feijoa petals are both sweet and fruity!

jackfruit and kin are probaby the only species with more fruity/sweeter edible petals.


tried some pineapple guava petals yesterday. I have to say they were pretty tasty…


sweet exotica, right? Has this alluring flavor profile, all its own, that’s hard to describe.


it really does…I ate about 1/2 dozen of them trying to figure out what it tasted like…thought it might make a good flavor for a chewing gum…


Taste was spicy sweet.maybr i got a young one.


Flavor of feijoa flower petals often described as like cotton candy.


Our pineapple guavas are LOADED with flowers this year. They are really pretty and I love eating the petals. Now I just need to remember to look for fruit later this year. :slight_smile: