Pineapple pear

I didn’t see any pics of pineapple pear, so I thought I would upload a couple of reference shots. This pear has been good to -29F for me (not whatever southern zone is listed on some sites), but perhaps not as good for the pallet. The skin is bitter and I have to peel them (Ayers skin is very mild in comparison). There is a hint of sweet but plenty of acid taste to me. I guess if I mixed them with pineapple, they might taste like pineapple :slight_smile:


Pineapple has been a stellar performer for me.
I get so many pears I have to brace the branches
on both of my trees. I think they taste great and are
a good change of taste in between Ayers and Maxine.
I have two drawers full in my fridge, one Maxine and one Pineapple.
I like going from one pear to the other.


My daughter loves them. I made the mistake of cutting up a big one by myself last night. Oops.

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Not many talk about this pear but in the south it is very popular. It really has been a good pear for me. Dont expect it to a melting pear its not that type.

" Another hybrid of P. communis and P. pyrifolia, ‘Pineapple’ delivers large, oblong pears with a golden skin and russet overtones, and the occasional rosy blush.

The white flesh is crisp and grainy with a unique pear/pineapple flavor that can be enjoyed fresh or made into preserves.

Delicate white blossoms flower in early spring and fruit can be picked starting in mid-July. In autumn, the shiny green leaves give way to shades of yellow.

Self-fertile, ‘Pineapple’ produces a larger crop when planted with another early-blooming cultivar.

A good choice for warm regions, it requires only 150 chill hours. Fully grown, the upright, oval trees reach 15 to 20 feet tall with a width of 12 to 15 feet. Hardy in Zones 5 to 9."



I would consider it more of a Kieffer with an acidic kick to it. Not an eater to me. Although, I don’t care for it, maybe it could be processed. I have no idea what makes a perry pear but that’s the feeling i get with this one. Maybe that’s an awful idea :slight_smile:

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