Pink champagne currant, fruit loss?

Hello everyone,
I have a pink champagne currant bush (2nd year in the ground, still somewhat small) and this year I probably had close to 100 flowers followed by nearly as many berries. All of a sudden over the course of a week, nearly 4/5 of the berries seemingly halted growth and when even lightly touched, the berries fell off. I now have a bunch of medium sized strigs with only 1-2 berries on each. Anyone know what happend and how to prevent this in the future?


Sounds normal to me; plant is not big enough to full production, lots of fruit drop.

My Romeo cherry tree, 3 years old last year? It put out a good amount of flowers, when everything was said and done it matured a total of two cherries. I was surprised it put out any. This year it should give me a cup or two, next it should explode.


Same thing is happening to my currants this year. One bush is only on its third summer and the other two bushes, although older, were transplanted this winter. So I am chalking this weak crop to shock from transplanting. But the other bush may also just be. Too young at only three years.


I agree with don1357, after growing currants for years, including your ‘Pink Champagne’ its takes a bit of time. Next year should be very good for your currants. Do you have any others. I had four currant bushes in a row of that type. My black currants had a separate row, all for the sake of easy picking. My Pink Champagne currants were the sweetest of all. You will love them. They make a great jelly, and crunchy pie!


same happened to me last year. i got a small bowl full of cherries from 5 trees. this year every one has hundreds of blooms including my small monty which was a surprise. if half the blooms set fruit, ill have hundreds of cherries. if all set ill be selling at the farmers market. i need to buy a cherry pitter very soon! funny thing is C.J was the 1st to start flowering but only about half of the blooms opened before romeo , 2 juilet and monty started. the cross pollination should be phenominal! they are all in about a 20 yrd radius area. my white/ red nankings also had a heavy bloom for the 1st time about 4 days before C.J started. my Adirondack gold apricot bloomed 3 days before them. never seen so many bumbles, mason and sweat bees and flies in once place at 1 time. smells great out here this morning. my plums are loaded with blooms as well for the 1st time but havent started opening yet. my wife is looking forward to them the most. i have a primus white currant i put in last spring . it has about 20 strings of flowers on it. i hope they set but wouldnt be suprised if they didnt. its only 16in tall. all my red and black currants are loaded as well. going to be a productive summer if i can keep the diseases and bugs/ birds at bay!


I cant wait! How much fruit would you get off of your mature pink champagnes? I planted two but youre making me want to plant more! I also plant a white variety and a crandall currant which have a few fruits growing.

Here is a picture of one picking of red Jonkeer von Tets after three years and a fabulous tart. (Three cups) Multiply that amount for the pink champagne by at least 3 as they are far more prolific. The strings of berries of the Champagne currant can be at least 4” long. Remember, they are primarily seeds with a very thin skin and very little flesh.

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Remember birds love them,you must net them.

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