Pink Icing Blueberry are amazing! My favorite to date

Ok guys, so I am really into growing a vast varieties (20+ varieties) of blueberries to find the “perfect” one in term of overall size, hardiness, crispness, sweetness, and especially the blueberry taste! Well I discover this beautiful foliage Bushel and Berry “Pink Icing” variety through a good friend of mine, and only had a few berries to taste, and oh my goodness it fits all of the attributes that I wanted in a blueberry!! It is so flavorful, crisp, good size, not mealy whatsoever, watery, and so tolerance of the high heat temperature. Does anyone have this variety?? If so please share your experience with it. What are you guys most flavorful blueberries? Just wanting to make this post to spread awareness if someone is looking for a good variety to get.


These seem to be Northern Highbush,with the ability to grow in zone 5,but unsure.

Oh man, I really wish I didn’t loose mine. I got one last year along with several others, but lost them to drying out during a heat wave.

My friend is growing his in zone 8a Dallas and he put them in direct sunlight for most of the day and from what I seen, all of the new sprouting shoots/leaves does not die off or dry out which is quite surprising for a northern highbush cross/hybrid type. If I were to put any of my highbush in full hot direct sunlight, they would get fried for sure! Their leaves were also were thick compared to other highbush, resembling southern highbush varieties leaves such as southmoon and misty.

Have you grown Sweetcrisp a southern highbush? It’s the most crisp and sweetest that I’ve grown.

Yes I have about three sweetcrisp growing in containers, unfortunately they bloom out way early this spring for the first time and the late frost wipe them out. The friend of mine with the pink icing also have sweetcrisp growing in ground, and he note to me that the blueberry flavor is not as robust and flavorful. I can’t wait for sweetcrisp to fruit for me and see for myself. I got a few because I see that you have high praise for them. Will let them fruit inside the greenhouse next spring.