Pink Lady Apples in 5B Central Illinois - Ripening Time?

It’s the latest season apple that we have. Seems like they were about 2 or 3 more weeks away from ripening properly. What you see in the pictures are the ‘choice’ apples. There were plenty of others that ended up in the compost pile.
So those that have Pink Lady apples… what approximate dates do you normally harvest? We had to pull all of ours off regardless due to the low 20 degree weather this week. The ones that are close are still good. Not as much typical pink lady flavor. Flesh is still very very firm. Skin is very firm. Very edible though.


They’re typically picked early for long term storage…should be fine in January or later if picked early and put in a cool place for keeping/storing.

And the raccoons’ll be happy if they can get at your compost pile.

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Your PL looks great. It is one of my favorites. At my location my small sample mostly ripens in November.


Thank you. It’s been a good year here for Apples. Not peaches though due to the December 2022 deep freeze. This is really the first good year for the Pink Lady apples but yet we were shorted due to the freeze this week. So they’ll continue to ripen in a cool spot? I’ll need to check into this. I don’t really have anywhere for that. Not yet at least.

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An unheated room or garage can be ok, or an unheated basement. Or the bottom of a refrigeator (but most people already have this full of other things).

Even a hole in the ground covered to keep rain out and leaves or tarps, etc. to give insulation can also keep them for later use.

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Ours were kind of in the same boat. They could have still used another week or 2 here. They have decent flavor but certainly could have benefited from more time on the tree.


That"s a nice looking tree. Mine are still hanging on the tree. Last nights temperature was the lowest this fall at just a tad above 32. No frost yet.


Thanks. It was one of the first bare root trees I planted. Not sure I got the shape and pruning right. The tree had some rust, scab and bulls-eye rot in the past. This year were were much closer to the proper sprays. I’m sure the lack of rain helped and hurt though. Probably still needs some adjustment on the pruning. I’m jealous of your temps!

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I pick mine dead ripe and they are still firm and good the following summer after 8 months in the fridge… That’s the thing about the best keeping apples like Goldrush, Fuji and, of course Pink Lady- you can pick them a peak quality and they still hold up extremely well. Maybe where you are they don’t perform the same way.

I’m surprised they look as good as they do. I’m in 6A and even my early Pink Ladies are not ripe yet although they were ripe at least a week sooner than this last year. The original strain only gets good about every other year here.