Pink Lemon tree problems

I have a pink lemon tree which lost all its leaves maybe due to frost and the branches are now looking like their dead. I bend the branches and they’re green on the inside. Any thoughts? Should raise the mound? This is the lowest spot in my garden and gets most the water run off from my other citrus trees.

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The roots might be suffering from too much

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Thanks. Do you think I need to trim the tree or is this a recoverable? I am planning to dig up the tree and raise it about 18" into a mound. Currently its recessed into the valley of a slope.

Checking the condition of the roots is probably the most important thing to do right

Yup, variegated Eureka lemon is my most sensitive citrus tree. The slightest frost knocks the leaves off. Anything below that and you get what you have above. It’s not the one to chose to put in the ground if you’re anywhere that gets frost.