Pink Thimbleberry

Oikos used to sell seeds for what they called “Pink Thimbleberry”. I think it may have been a cross between Rubus odoratus and Rubus parviflorus. Has anyone grown this? And if so, has anyone had any success in getting it to fruit for them?

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Here is the entry for Thimble berries in general from Cornucopia II c. 1998. The list of codes at the bottom (A2 etc.) refer to suppliers of the day, with details in the Appendices.

I still see they sell the seeds still. They don’t seem to sell the plants anymore. They used to sell 3 regular thimbleberry for 16 dollars and 3 pink thimbleberry for 18 or 19 dollars. I got the plants because they said it could take upwards of two years for thimbleberry to germinate. I am kind of surprised they have only become a seed website. My mother kept of telling me to water them because they did not look well. I ended up pulling them is annoyance because it was clearly wet but they just looked like they were in poor condition. I replanted one from Raintree nursery. The ones from Okios leafed out naturally but ended up looking for mid way through the season and the ones from Raintree sent up suckers instead of leafing out but still look good.

Thanks for the info elivings1. On their website it says they are sold out… And when they are for sale, it is only for large quantities, and costs a lot. I am trying to get a hold of seed from elsewhere, if anyone knows anyone who sells them or is interested in selling some to me.

Do you need the pink one specifically? Okios is the only seller of the pink one last time I checked. Lots of places sell regular ones. Raintree and One Green World both sell the regular thimbleberry.