Pinnate Leaf structure example in picture Identify mint family herb

I know this is in the Mint family since it has a square stem

Leaves are more pointy, but in this pattern (pinnate 3 up top, a gap and 2 lower ones)
Also the edges are serrated (like Japanese maple)
I did not plant these, but coming up everywhere –
I want to use them for cooking but want to know what they are .

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Do you have a leaf picture?

Could it be a pennyroyal?

Sorry Nikon DRLS Camera I bought is still in box (thinking of selling it new)
I know it might be a carrot family member just does not have a hollow stem though

I plan to be safe Just doesn’t seem to fit with the poison hemlock I saw
it is only over 1 foot tall so far

Leaf exactly like that except Serrated like a 3 leave strawberry leaf (trifolia ), more skinny though
and 2 more underniegth
Like pinnate leaf picture
(picture wrong see exact picture in google images wrong name under it on post for some reason , but not when posted .)

Leaves are opposite of each other

stem solid .

Smell almost reminds me of parsely or cilantro very faint smell.

Thank you for guessing but not Penny royal.
May even be a Carrot family (I know deadly )

See it is not water Hemlock

but looks similar
I do like Cal Photos , but wish I could search for the family instead of just the scientific name.

See 3 leaves but after a gap, and just one leaf on each side , and them the main stalk
(hemlock has a grouping of two leaves but looks similar (like in picture 2)

I cannot think of a mint that would smell like carrot or cilantro

I was wrong looks more like Hemlock
anything look similar

does have a carrot smell
dried has no strong mint like smell.

Try this tool out. It’s focused on the New England states, but most of what you have there is here too.

Failing that, I highly recommend going to your library and looking for a plant field guide with a dichotomous key. The best way to ID things is by ruling out what it isn’t, and dichotomous keys are designed to do exactly that.


Do the stems have hairs or are they smooth? If they have fine hairs it could be Queen Anne’s Lace (wild carrot), which explains the carrot smell. Poison hemlock stems are smooth / hairless.

Thank you will look into it
It has been years since it looked into this
Used to post on Garden web name that plant

I also saw This site I can search by Family (api ace - ae Apiaceae )
will have to look into USDA , but looks like the site changed
(EDIT in my notes have a ton of plant links will have to add the one(s) posted, and research them.)

Above you replied same time I did Thank you, but not queens ann’s lace (EDIT STEM SMOOTH)
I am used to Staying away from FEather like leaves until I get better
Didn’t know Water hemlock had leaves like that
(I should of smelled the root looking for that carrot smell when I saw it.)

What are the the growing conditions. Is it in moist or dry area? Sun or shade, etc. Shot in the dark, it might be Cryptotaenia canadensis (honewort).

Full sun
Cool will keep that in Mind Think I saw it before in the woods
Mine has skinny leaves looks just like that water hemlock
Now I wonder for a DYE if I can use it
(no not a DIE like going out for a DIE that would be Morbid)

Yours kinda looks like Blunts seed sweetroot osmorhiza (sweet cisley)
(your does not Mine narrow leaves my plants do have