Pistachio pollination

Hi everyone My name is Eric from central New Mexico I’m new to the forum, but have quite a bit of experience with fruit trees. I’m wanting to start a small pistachio orchard at our new place I had a few young trees at our other house that were doing really well. We’ll today I was at the nursery and happened to come across two good sized pistachio trees in ground with quite a few nuts on them! The crazy thing was I didn’t see a Male tree around anywhere, so I do not know how in the world they got pollinated?! Of course no one at the nursery had any idea. The only thing I could figure was they had a couple big red push pistache trees in their parking lot. Does anyone know if red push pistache can pollinate female pistachio trees?


They may have a male limb grafted on.

Not positive, but I think push red is what they use for rootstock. I would think they would be the same thing, just lower quality fruit.

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Idk, but Dr.Louise Ferguson in is THE USA expert on pistachios.
Ask her: lferguson@ucdavis.edu

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