Looks like I will get some nuts this year.

This tree produced flowers for the first time last year but they didn’t set. I’m excited for this fall!


that is awesome i too will try pistachios in the future of the kerman and peters variety, are those what you have?

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Yes, that one is Kerman with Peters as pollinator. I also have Golden Hills (f) and Randy (m) as well as a seedling I sprouted a couple of years ago from a seed from Turkey (I had more seedlings but accidentally killed them all except for this one and a few I gave away). I’m trying to sprout more seeds right now, from Turkey and Greece.

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how big and how old are the trees that are fruiting and pollenizing? It is definitely promising for 7a.


I planted these as grafted trees in 2014; they were maybe 3-4 ft tall when planted.

They are about 9-10 ft tall now. The male tree started flowering in 2016, the female in 2017. Lots more female flowers this year.

My Golden Hill and Randy I just planted this winter; they are maybe 4 ft tall.

The seedling is two years old and about 10 inches. It did make it through the winter! I had it in a pot the first year and planted it out last summer/fall.

My first trees I got here:

The new ones came fro FastGrowingTrees.

I haven’t found many mail order pistachio suppliers.


I’m going to be very disappointed if all I end up with is empty shells this year…

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Hi TXp how are your pistachio trees doing there in north tx z6? I am in south central KS 6b west of wichita and we often don’t get below 0, last january we got to -5, we may get to -10 one winter in a decade. And we have long hot summers sort of like you in Northwest TX so i wondered what your low was last january 2018 for you and how your trees are doing?
Also Pistachio UT how cold has your trees taken down to and did they end up producing this year? Is your season long enough to ripen fruit there in north utah?

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Our environment is definitely not one where trees grow eight feet tall in a couple of years. My pistachios are healthy gnarly slow growing things . They survived -7 last winter and have been through -11 without any cover. I would guess the largest isn’t over four feet, even now. I went down to Alamagordo,NM last week where the nuts are grown commercially. Commercial trees are beautiful, but are very small trees.

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That is very interesting info! Thanks! I am interested in their potential to say the least. They are my mom’s favorite nut, so i am considering the odds of production if i added some to my orchard.

We did get nuts last fall, a few dozen. I’m expecting more this year.
Not sure what our lows have been the last few years, we are in a bit of a microclimate zone near the Great Salt Lake that moderates winter temperatures but I seem to remember occasional drops to 0F–not this year, but in past years. Those are rare though, average winter lows are probably in the teens. I think I’ve had my trees for about six years now?


That is interesting, thanks for sharing your experiences!

It sounds like you have the Kerman and Peters Pistachio tree? How was the harvest for 2019? I saw that you mentioned there was a small harvest in 2018. I’m surprised that those are doing well in northern Utah (I live in Centerville, Utah), because online I’m seeing the Kerman and Peters are zone 8 (we’re zone 7 near SLC). I have given up on finding the ‘Uzbek’ Pistachio tree. I will be driving to St George for 5 gallon Kerman and Peters trees (one each) in Feburary. I really hope they do well here in northern Utah!

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