Pixwell Gooseberry in Z10?

Does anyone have experience frowing Pixwell gooseberry in SoCal or a hot, dry location similar to Zone 10? I was thinking about picking one up but figured id ask all the pros here firsr! Thanks everyone.

OH also, are they even worth eating? Ie; good? LOL


I am in PNW, and Pixwell has completely turned me off to gooseberries. It may be good for cooking if picked under ripe. I didn’t try them that way. We had a bit of a heatwave before I harvested them, and they were soft/mealy with a thick skin and did not have an impressive flavor. I am planning to pull it out this Winter and leave it on the curb for a neighbor to pick up.

In zones 6 and 7 PIXWELL does fine. But, just as with black currants, I can well imagine not everyone takes a liking to them.
If they get enough chill hours they should grow in z.10 but there’s probably a lot more interesting things you could grow in zone 10 if you have limited space.

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