Place to order Russian Pomegranate Tree?

where are good least expensive places to order Russian Pomegranate Trees?, really I’m interested in cold hardy ones so it doesn’t have to be Russian if there’s better ones.


I ordered cold Hardy Russian pomegranate from this past spring. They are not really trees. More like rooted cuttings. Grew to about 3 feet over the last few months though. We’ll find out about the cold hardiness this winter.

If you want to grow from cuttings, I’ll be trimming my trees late fall after they’ve gone dormant and should have Salavatski, Kazake, Parfianka and Desertnyi cuttings available which I’ll offer in the trading post area. Salavatski and Kazake are in the ground and they’ve handled my Arlington, VA winters just fine. Parfianka and Desertnyi are in pots and spend the winter in the garage so have never had any die back at all, but they are known to be a little more tender so probably not a good idea for growing in the ground in zone 7.

The issue you can have with them is they wake up fairly early in the Spring and can have active buds zapped by late frosts. Sometimes a stem will appear alive to the scratch test, but doesn’t have any buds still viable until well down the stem, giving you die back. I’ve also had late frosts that got into the mid-20s actually freeze the sap and split open a trunk. Thankfully, by growing them as a multi-stem shrub, something has always kept going without a major setback. I think of them as having the same hardiness as a hardy fig, but with the added vulnerability to late frosts since they wake up much earlier than the figs.

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I have Al Sirin Nar I can take cuttings from. I have many others but they are small. Grenada too, not huge but about 2 feet tall. Grenada is desirable in short season areas as it fruits very early. Al Sirin Nar is 6 foot tall in a container.

Do you grow any of that in ground?

I myself don’t. It’s just too cold here. I have a lot to play with for now. I’m not sure I’m going to keep them, just having fun for now. I thought I would try since figs have worked out so well. Plus I just like the plants, cool looking, new to me, love new plants even just ornamentals.

You can buy trees at a lot of places

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