Planning and planting a garden 2024

I’m going to post in this thread about planning and planting my 2024 garden. I planted green peas (4 varieties, Yakumo Giant, Golden sweet, Blue Pod Capucijners, and Dutch Fork) in a row 200 feet long about 3 weeks ago. I also planted half a row of potatoes at the same time (Kennebec, Sarpo Mira, French Fingerling, and some seed grown). I planted the remaining half row with carrots (Giant Flakkee), radishes (White, Black, and French Breakfast), lettuce (Really Red Deer tongue, Brown Goldring, Jericho, Thurinus, and Sunland), and turnips (Bianca Lodigiana). I have tomato, pepper, and potato seedlings on the light stand in the basement.

What else do I plan on growing this year?
Sweet corn - 3 or 4 varieties
Pole beans - about 5 varieties
Pole limas - about 5 varieties
Tomatoes - about 80 varieties (240 plants)
Peppers - about 20 varieties (60 plants)
Onions - red and white
Watermelon - 1 variety
Cantaloupe - 1 variety
Cucumber - 1 variety
Squash - (3 varieties of different species, pepo, moschata, maxima)
Gourd - 2 varieties including one that makes giant gourds
Luffa - I kind of like them
Brassicas - 10 varieties of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, and brussels sprouts
Peanuts - 3 varieties, Black, Schronce Black, Texas Red & White, and Bramling Pink
Cowpeas - 5 or 6 varieties
Sorghum - White African
Sweet Potato - Mahon/Bradshaw
Okra - 2 or 3 varieties

I will probably add a few things as I go.


Here is an interesting layout from the Victory Garden days in WW2…

I grow and eat leaf lettuce and spinach all fall, winter, spring… until early june.

Late April will plant a row of tomatoes … a row of squash… and a few weeks later 2 or 3 rows of okra.

I have a couple of planters on the south end of the front porch that I grow some nice sweet bell peppers in… got walking onions and chives and garlic chives in another bed between fruit trees.

That is about it for me.

I only eat veggies once a day (dinner) and it has to be low carb before I can eat any serious quantity of it.

Cucumbers – Marketmore 76

Beans – Chinese Green long beans (cowpeas)

Climbing Korean Summer Squash – King Ka Ae, Early Bulam, Teot Bat Put

Perpetual Spinach

Tomatoes – black cherry, green doctor, pink bumble bee, purple bumble bee, sunrise bumblebee, white currant, prairie fire, brown sugar, blush tiger

Peanuts - Schronce Black, Texas Red & White, Tennessee Red Valencia, Fastigiata Pin Striped, Carwile’s Virginia, and Bramling Pink

Sweet Potato – Japanese, Camote Morado, and Camote Rosita

Okra – Jing Orange, Bowling Red

Eggplant – Chinese string, ping tung

Ground cherries – Aunt Molly’s or new hanover

Sunflowers for seeds – not sure what kinds yet

3 sisters – I have a bunch of random corn (flint, dent, and flour), bean (cowpea), and squash (C. Moschata) seeds and I might set up a portion of my garden as a chaotic 3 sisters experiment.

I would like to grow amaranth. Killed my seedlings last year. Not sure if I am going to again this year.