Plant Identification needed, suspected kousa dogwood seedling?

As the title suggests I planted out dogwood fruit, crushed them all up and spread them all over the soil in early December last year, and now I’m trying to identify what Kousa dogwood seedlings actually look like, I’ve had no success except from a GreatEscapeFarm youtube video, but even that identification was hard to compare. To give some general weed context information, the garden here was primarily overrun by forget me nots, which are hairy all over and easily identified because of it. We have an English Laurel, Prunus Laurocerasus, above us that drops its berries and those pits eventually sprout up in early spring and all throughout the season. It pretty much looks like a tiny cherry seedling, pointed leaves with a shiny coating. I also planted common laburnum beside it on the left.

The seedlings depicted in the images might be them, but I would like others to pitch in with their experiences of growing any dogwoods.

How to Grow Kousa Dogwood from Seed Start to Finish - YouTube here’s the video for more context.

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Seedling 3

I suppose I’ve learnt my lesson in growing things from seed, especially things that need stratification. This season I plan to grow Pacific Dogwood’s and will probably just put them in a container or plastic bag to sit overwinter :sweat_smile:

Many plants look very similar with their initial leaves (cotyledons). It might be helpful to wait for them to grow a bit for a better ID.


I agree, it’s a difficult task at this moment to distinguish dogwood sprout from bean sprout.

Dogwood leaves to me have a saddle shape and hard to miss veins, so it should be easy to tell once the true leaves emerge.