Planting bare root raspberries right now in Zone 10B?

Anyone see any issues with it? I just bought a Fall Gold raspberry in a container and planted it and I discovered a seller on ebay selling bare root, 2 year old Anne Golden for 1/3 of the price I paid for the container.


I doubt they will survive the heat. Just my experience in 9B.

Weather has been mild up here in San Jose so far barring a few 90F days. I’d say look at the forecast and plant it. You can always make a tent out of cardboard/shade cloth to keep the plant protected in the harsh sun. On a related note, I planted a bare root mulberry whip a week ago. It is breaking dormancy nicely.

Thanks, we’ve had pretty consistent “May Gray” here, with temps between 65-75 during the day, so I’ll give it a shot.

Fall Gold and Heritage area a couple you can grow in warmer areas. if it doesn’t work out and you want raspberries try baba raspberries. Bay Laurel sells them. They are only hardy to 0F. They like the heat. I heard Glencoe purple raspberry too does well. All should be shaded in warm areas.

Oh, yeah! That’s not bad at all. Winter hardiness zones tell nothing about spring and summer temperatures. Although I’m in a lower zone, we’ve already passed the point where the odds of survival would be in their favor here because our summer comes on too hot and strong for them to establish well. It sounds like you have a much better chance of success there.

I just got in some raspberries and strawberries in a trade, So I’m planting today too. I forgot about the trade! Nice surprise!

Mysore Raspberry is one that I’ve heard does okay in warmer zones where conventional ones struggle, I’m not sure it’s considered a real raspberry though.