Planting clover to deter white grubs? berries in pots

I am growing blackberries and raspberries in pots.
Last year they suffered from white grub damages.

i came across some sites on lawns that says damages to lawn is less when they plant white clover along with the grass, but none mentioned how.
I wonder if anyone knows about this?
edit: I mean is this is true? if so why is this? because grubs cant eat clover root thus female beetle avoid laying egg there? or maybe because clover provides nitrogen for the grasses thus making the grass less likely to die?

I am going to plant them clover along if there is any benefit on this.

Different grubs yours are cane borers adults are moths that look like wasps in late summer


Not sure what kind of white grubs you’re dealing with. Here, many white grubs are either June bug or Japanese beetle larvae. Skunks love them and dig them up to eat in the late summer/fall. FWIW…my clover plots are full of little holes where the skunks dug up the grubs most every year.


they do the same here. i used to live trap and relocate the skunks. now my dogs have a penned area and i let the skunks do their thing. i barely have any grubs now that the skunks hunt them.


Thank you very much for the replies.
I guess it is very unlikely that the clover would prevent the grubs.
Most of the problems here is from Japanese beetles grubs.