Planting location advice needed

I’m trying to figure out how to add more fruit trees to my limited space. I was thinking of removing all the plants growing on top of my west facing retaining wall and planting espalier trained trees along the fence. Is this doable? Is there enough space? Do you have any other ideas to use this space?

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OMG, how fabulous, I have never seen rosemary grow like that outside of Italy. How fragrant , but to you it must be a weed. Plant below and dig up some of the rosemary.

How west facing is it, more north or south?

I would go so far as to plant on the upper and lower part of the retaining wall. The only thing is you would have to figure out how to harvest from the upper level because that ledge looks really thin.

I thought of this video,when seeing your

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It’s facing directly west. My back yard faces 180 degrees south. It’s on a corner lot with pretty decent foot traffic. I’m more leaning towards planting just above on the retaining wall due to the foot traffic and as a deterrent to people wanting to grab some fruit. I have neighbors who let their dogs take a crap on the lower part and don’t always pick up after themselves. Thanks for posting that video, I remember watching that a long time ago. The wall/fence is 80’ in length. I just wasn’t sure how the roots would grow being that close to the retaining wall.

Have you read this thread?

When you learn to graft, rootstock becomes less important for espaliers, if there is enough space for a single tree.

I have to admit that I favor vigorous trees over runts. For most people, more dwarfing rootstock simplifies things, especially pruning.

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