Planting near a rain drainage pipe

I have to plant my apple tree near an in-ground rain drainage pipe. It comes from the level above and goes to the level bellow from location in question. The pipe is perforated. Would some water sipping through perforation from the lower part of the pipe be a problem for an apple tree? The pipe has a good angle going down and I do not expect it to be filled more then half way when it is raining hard or keep still water after the rain.
I can’t change either pipe location or tree location, but I can replace the pipe with not-perforated one. Should I?

I have the same situation with corrugated drain pipe going by a cherry tree (3 foot). I think the bulk of the water runs out leaving only a little leaking. Has not been a problem for me. So far anyway.


Most likely problem would be apple tree roots clogging the drain pipe…otherwise you’re probably concerned for nothing.

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Don’t they dry out when get in contact with air inside the pipe , like in self pruning pots?

They will, but will change direction for more favorable conditions.

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