Planting seeds

Today my grandson ( who just turned five) and I were walking through a park. Under a huge red oak the ground was covered with acorns. He asked what they were. I explained that they were seeds like the pecans in my yard but they were not good to eat. He started picking them up and putting them in his pocket. When I asked why he wanted them he said he was going to plant them and grow a tree. We have done lots of gardening and tree planting the last few years. It was so rewarding to see that I had given him the desire to grow things.


I love it when the grandkids want to help, it is rewarding to watch their excitement and wonder at something I take for granted.

When my grandkids come over and I am busy in the greenhouse I give them a small container of popcorn seeds or lentils from the kitchen to plant wherever they like. I keep a few, if they germinate, to show them later. Most of the time they just want to be planting and are not concerned about germination. I must say, however, I do find these seedlings popping up randomly thru the spring in the oddest places.

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We planted his acorns Sunday night. I hope they come up for him. When he comes to visit he wants to check on all the stuff we have growing.

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