Planting trees after heavy rain

Hello Everyone,
I just received a few apples from Trees of Antiquity and a few Pears from Fedco.
It has been raining a lot here lately. Is it ok to plant in soggy soil

I won’t unless you have no other choice. But it depends on your soil. If your soil turns to mud when wet try to wait. Mine can be workable in a few days maybe even two. Others it could be hrs to weeks.

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If your soil drains well then you should be fine. If the soil doesn’t drain well and holds water and clay, you may have issues with that area.

I always pour a 5 gallon bucket of water when I plant a tree.

It’s going to be raining tomorrow, and I will be in full rain gear moving trees bare root from one part of my nursery to the other- actually my helper will be doing most of that and I will be doing other stuff outside (just so he doesn’t resent the boss). If my soil was clay I’d be in a bind- as Bob says, it all depends on the soil. However, unlike Bob, I don’t water transplants in if the soil is fairly moist when transplanting bare roots- but I’m an iconoclast. I like air pockets because roots like air pockets- if soil is moist the humidity should be about 100% down there so what’s wrong with air pockets? I do tamp the soil down fairly firmly, however- unless it’s real wet.

Thanks Alan, I should of said, if ground is saturated, I would not water more. Only add H2o as needed.

Thanks for the advise

Bob, I’m not saying you are wrong to water transplants in. That is the general consensus, I’m just a tradesmen with my own way of doing things.

The squeeze test is rumored to work well. Squeeze a handful of soil and drop it. If it readily breaks apart the soil can be worked without compacting the soil and if it tends to mostly stay together it is to wet to work. I just look the dirt over or dig a small place and make a judgement call. I do believe our soil is negatively impacted by working while it is overly wet but have no verification that it does.

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And if it doesn’t break apart and you really need to plant, stand on your roof and drop that dirt ball on your driveway. Then plant. At least your trees will know you tried. Platreebo.

Oh yeah, and if the soil dries up into near cement texture come back with a cultivating fork and carefully break it up around roots and where they are growing then gently tamp down and water.

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I dig a hole. If it doesn’t fill up with water, I put a tree into it.