Plastic Grafting Tape

I like the stretchable plastic tape better than the standard grafting tape myself and wondered what everyone else is using? The plastic gives a much tighter seal because it allows me to pull the tape firmer without breaking. That seal won’t make up for bad cuts but it does snug up the cuts together. I see the plastic tape from overseas but am having a hard time finding the stuff I normally use. I have a couple of boxes of normal grafting tape which will get me through the year and work fine though like anyone I have my preferences on what I like versus what works.

Think I found what I was looking for on amazon. I’m not sure I will like the color but this is what I purchased

For W&T, Cleft, Bark and Side grafts I use poly budding tape- with electrical tape over the top of it.

For T-budding, I use parafilm

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That was exactly what I had been looking for. Thanks Steve! I use tanglefoot on top of it

I purchased this tape and will let you guys know how it is. He has other items such as nursery tape that look like a good buy if your looking.