"plastic" sheds (resin shed kits)--experiences here?

So I’m looking at a shed for the back yard, and wondering is these are a viable alternative to a full-on build (expensive, and we just put most everything we’re comfortable spending into the house) or a “tin shed” (not neighborhood-approved anyway in our neighborhood).

They’re supposed to set up quick, and be durable. But that’s all advertising…has anyone here had any personal experience with these sheds or similar by Duramax, Suncast, etc?

Thinking like these:


I’m not sure but I keep seeing one similar to that at Sam’s Club for about $800. I think it’s 10x10, windows, locking barn style doors. I thought about buying one just to put my lawn tractor, chain saws, weed wackers, etc into.

I recently put up one like the one in the first link (also got it at Menard’s) but I think mine was 10’ deep instead of 13’. Same company though and looks identical to the picture in the link.

It does go up quickly, and I think it took more time to build the deck it sits on than to put the thing together. I made a wood floor from 3/4" treated plywood and treated 2x6’s on 24" centers. I got the shed for right at $1k and the wood cost around $170. I had reservations about it at first, as I felt like whatever I did it would become a permanent fixture and I would rather have stick built one, but we needed something real quick as we had water in the basement and needed more storage pronto. I had to shake my head when I got into it, as it actually has some odd dimensions like 8’ 4 1/2" wide and 10’2" deep or something like that. And what that means is that two 4x8 sheets side-by-side aren’t enough…, nooooo, you’re going to have to rip about a 6-8" strip from a 3rd 3/4" sheet of treated plywood. So that I put down the middle. (And there’s a rubber/plastic floor thing that screws down over the wood deck anyway) And it’s not like you wouldn’t need 3 sheets of plywood anyway, because you have the back 2’4" or so (in my case) that needs floored too, but it’s just like - what thought process went into making the width 8’2" to begin with? Still, in the end I’m very happy with it. Still can’t imagine a plastic building costing that much but…

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Last autumn we put up one of those plastic sheds for my gardening tools and supplies. So far I like it. It looks great and blends with the landscape. Doors work fine and all parts stay in place. The price was better than for any other similar sheds and the assembly was easy. I do concern that after several years the sun might do its damaging work on plastic, but so far so good.