Please help ID Pecan Tree

This tree is located near Tifton, Ga., on a small cattle farm. Out of all the pecan trees, it’s the owners favorite as far as flavor and size. He wants me to propagate, “as many as I can.” He took it to the local extension agent, they have no idea. The bark is very shaggy, which isn’t too common. I may send pics to some of the pecan professors/breeders at ABAC (UGA). If I can get a little direction as to it’s lineage that may help.

I did not have my nutcracker so I had to use a needle nose pliers. It cracked well in my opinion.

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Could be just a random seedling - they’re everywhere down in that part of the country.
Resembles ‘Bean’ and another local seedling tree I’ve gathered from here in KY, but highly unlikely that Bean would have made its way that far south, as it originated in Indiana.
The pecan folks at ABAC might recognize it if it is a known cultivar.

Here’s the pecan cultivar photo page at the USDA/ARS Pecan site:

The bark looks consistent all the way up from ground level. While it would be difficult to detect if it was a grafted tree at its current age, like Lucky I too think its a seedling.

I’ve not seen nuts that resemble those. I’ll look thru Wes Rice’s book to see if anything jumps out at me.


Closest resemblance:


Thanks for the tips. I have a few leads now.

Another thought: is there a small pecan processing plant where you live? We had one in our old town; they would take walk-ins with a few trees. Some of the folks that have been working there have been working there a loooong time. If the nuts or shells have some distinctive characteristics, they might be able to tell you if maybe not the cultivar, who else has nuts like that.

Just an idea that popped into my head. Sometimes the guys who have been around things for years know more than the professors.

That is very similar to Farley.

Thanks Darrel, I believe this may be the cultivar. The timing, location and description all seem to add up.