Please help id wild berry

Just curious if anyone knows what this is? I never noticed them before until this season.


Bush honeysuckle - Lonicera. Very Invasive.


Not sure what that is. Don’t recall seeing berries like that here in Tennessee.

Did a google search on serviceberry, did not seem to match, then huckleberry and found the pic below.


The leaf pattern looks very similar, berry looks pretty similar too.

Not sure… Hope some one knows for sure and they are good to eat !




Yep… DBang may be right about that. Leaves and berries seem to be a match to this image I found.

Notice on that huckleberry the berries seem to be hanging under the leaves but on the bush honeysuckle they are on top. Yours are up top toooo.


Does V. parvifolium (red huckleberry) range include Pennsylvania?
Red huck leaves are much smaller than those in the Orange120Od pix.

Definitely invasive honeysuckle. Do not eat. It is toxic for humans.

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If that photo is current (taken in June 2021) then it definitely is not your ‘invasive’ honeysuckle.

They just finished blooming not long ago and berries won’t be red until fall!!!

The photos were taken on June 18th.

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I don’t have a positive ID on it…but it’s not ‘invasive’ honeysuckle.
If it goes from red to black in a couple weeks…I might take a stab at an ID.

Lonicera canadensis (Fly Honeysuckle) perhaps?

Apparently there are several species of invasive bush honeysuckle and many hybrids. With different leaf shapes, etc.
I believe this is one .
A hollow stem is one identifying character, distinguishing them from the natives with a solid stem.
I have one that looks identical here , with red berry’s on it now.
Judging by the length of the fruit stem , it fits with the description of the so called “ Bella hybrids”

Not huckleberry Notice in Picture Huckleberry Leaves are NOT opposite of each other on stem
Your picture has opposite leaves to one another on the stem like the Honeysuckle picture.

If this is Honeysuckle which I am sure it is the berries will not kill
but only have a watery taste

If it spreads like it does here you may come back in number of years,
and everything there will be covered in honeysuckle ,
and it may be hard to walk through there without crawling under all the bushes.

We had this wild honeysuckle all over our woods in Maine. My husband loved the fragrance of the flowers so we let it take over (just in certain areas).