Please help identify this plant/tree


According to Flora Incognita it is Kiwi (Actinidia chinensis).

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Thank you Richard!
That’s very interesting!
Let me ask you, can Kiwi grow successfully within the 12 degree south geo latitudinal area?
Take care and look forward to your response.

For further view here is another photo

I don’t know. Let’s ask @kiwinut

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Actinidia chinensis/deliciosa need relatively high chill accumulation for fruiting. Most need 600-800 hours, but there are lower chill selections. I’ve never heard of successful fruiting in tropical areas, unless at very high elevation.


How did the plant come to be in your possession,being away from the natural location?

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Thanks Richard for the helpful assistance, especially with @Kiwinut!

Additionally Info noted from plant:
Shape: Cordated
Margin: Serrated
Venation: Pinnated ( will double check on this)
Arrangement: Alternate
Leaf Colour: Bright Green turns Darker Green with age ( plant still young.)
Leaf Length: varies from 2" to about 8"
Hairs Present: Yes! (Hair Colour: White)

Colour: Greenish

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Thanks @Kiwinut fro the info.
I was thinking like the apple and its chill hours, that it might be possible a kiwi.
However, in the Kiwi: the branchlets are reddish in color and the young branchlets are white pubescent to brownish.
However, this plant (JJX?) the branchlets appear to all be greenish and furthermore the leaf margin appears to be serrated whereas in the kiwi its entire.

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CONTD. PT2 to @kiwinut
Secondly; the highest point on the Dutch Caribbean island is about 376m.

Good question Bradybb!

Well I started a project in backyard farming.
The soil was native however, there are some birds and migratory birds, that might have left behind evidence of their feeding.

But; the fact is that in my seeding pot I had put some soil from some mixes and this plant shot up and start growing after some weeks.
Now, let me clarify that I have been trying to germinate Apple seeds and some stone fruits (Plum, Peach etc…) and even nuts; using the fridge and freezer temperature environment. The reality is it doesnt seem to be working out with those seeds.

Anyway, So about a month ago, this palnt sprung up next to a passionfruit vine, I was trying to root. I almost pulled up the plantling, but thought it had a strange palm like structure and figured out that it might have been from a seed that was already in the soil.
I took a photo of it, here it is below:

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CONTD. PART-2 to Bradybb

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Fuzzy kiwi, A. deliciosa, typically has red fuzz and red petioles, but yellow kiwi, A. chinensis, often do not have any red pigments. Yellow kiwi leaves are also serrated just like your mystery vine.

While I agree that the leaves do look like A. chinensis, the furrowed bark does not look like any I have seen, so if the bark shown is the same vine, then I’m not sure that this really is a yellow kiwi. There are other closely related Actinidia species out there that are also possibilities.


Thanks,I’m curious,what native fruiting plants grow there?

Thanks @Kiwinut.

The bark (brown colour and thicker in diameter bark) shown in the photo is that of a passionfruit I was trying to root, however the green hairy one is that of the unknown. So I assume the furrowed bark you mean would refer to the passionfruit I was trying to root not the unknown. I hope that helps clarifies things and I will have to look up the yellow kiwi.
Let me ask what is the chill hours on that?

Thanks for all your assistance!

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I think this is what you are looking for @JJosepha.

Most tropical fruits - the list is uncountable, Everything from peanuts, to Cashews, Aloe Vera, tunia - Prickly pear, Dragonfruits, tremendous amounts of Cacti, havent seen much Mamey zapote, but Dilly is rampant along with Soursop, Guneip, Tropical/Jamican Almond, Tamarind, “Crabapples”, june plum = hogplum, a particular type of Orange (Laraha) that is used to make Blue Curacao liquor. {***Additionally, there is an appearant dark history linked and untold from my intial investigation and research, that goes as far back as the “Slave Trade” and the “Slave Triangle” and that of the development of the variant Laraha ***}, Figs, Carambola, Pineapple and of course Sugarcane, Barbados Cherry (Acerola) - grows wild in the bush, Suriname Cherry, Gooseberry, Ackee, Avocado and so much more…

However, I would like to try and grow, the Berries: (Black, Blue & Rasp…) and especially Cacao; after all it is grown in Jamaica. So, if there are any Cacao Growers out there, I would greatly appreciate your help, so drop me a message to stay in contact.

Hope that offered some introductory answer to your question @Bradybb ?

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Thanks Audi_o_phile!
Kiwinut initially, shared that general data/info with me,however, I was referring specifically to the yellow kiwi; we had been talking about, to find out if the chill requirement was different that what he had mentioned earlier.

Yeah, (600-800 hrs.), thats about 25 to 34 days, almost about 1 month of chill temperature. This area doesnt get no way near that possibility.

It sounds like there is a great selection of fruit that already grows in that area. I perfectly understand the excitement of discovering that you’ve already got something growing and then trying to make it produce for you. If nothing else the kiwi can be an attractive decorative vine. The one that my friend has is enjoyable to look at, in spite of it never having produced fruit.

You are right Audi_o_phile!
But if I can get the Kiwi to grow down this way, it has to be a fruit type.

But this sounds to be very difficult to grow both: the Kiwi and the Passionfruit.
It’s the equivalent to like trying to grow the Soursop and the Pawpaw. (lol)