Please help me with my loquat tree!

Hey so i have a loquat tree about three yr old and its very bushy however last year i accidently tore into some of the main stem during pruning.
The growth on top of the injured bit is growing but not as vigorously as before so i wanted to completely get rid of the damaged part and start again.
My question is if i was to cut below this part would the plant die from shock since all the leaves are above? Thanks.

Plant is in a 20L container. It has no leaves or any buds that i can see below i wanted it to form into a bush so i removed all growth below and left about 4 branches

I’m not sure about pruning above the tear but last year a heavy branch broke off ours and there was a similar wound. With time it completely filled in. Since it still looks healthy above maybe give it a little more time?


I would just leave it alone. Loquat trees are hard to kill. It will heal up and do just fine.

Damn wish i had saw your replies earlier unfortunately i have made the cut :frowning: i really hope it doesn’t die