Plum curly leaf aphid

These aphids keep coming back to 2 specific plum trees in my front yard. I pruned aggressively and sprayed a lot of dormant oil + copper multiple times in winter - they still came back this year.

What can I do for next year? Anything I can do for this year?

Thank you!

They are coming back to my trees also,usually on some new top leaves on a multi- graft.I was squishing a few leaves today.
Sometimes it’s a constant battle.Try spraying some soap/oil mixture a couple times a week.
I just bought a bottle of ORTHO TREE & SHRUB-FRUIT TREE SPRAY that Richard recommended and will use it after blooms are done.He stated that they are easily controlled with


Some pyrethroids are labeled for aphids, you can try one of them. You can also spray oil during the growing season, but make sure you follow the label to avoid injuring the leaves. I sprayed mineral oil before in late summer and it took care of green peach aphids that were attacking my cots and pluots.

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Thanks guys! I’ll spray again on the next cool day. The issues with these aphids is the curl of the leaf. The aphids are inside the leaf - so the spray wont hit them…

I use a small spray bottle and try to open the leaf up a little with the other


Some of my trees were heavily affected last year. I’m planning to spray Acetamiprid as soon as flowering concludes.

Mine too, Dan. I’ve never seen it so bad.

I’ve never seen it so bad too.

Are you in the SF Bay Area, @willsmith1686? @danchappell and I are; I’m wondering how widespread this was.

Yes, I am in the Bay area as well (Campbell / West San Jose).

I do get Aphids every year in spring. Last year was the worst. This year is also bad but slightly better than last year… I planted some roses and that’s what attracted the aphids to 2 of my plum trees next to it, the roses get loaded with aphids too…