Plum cuttings

Anyone try to root cuttings from plums any tips or tricks Best time of the year

I have what I remember to be a myrobalan rootstock.,that I had planted next to my garden.
One year, I was planting peas and needed something for them to climb on.
I had cut back the myrobalan several days befor , stuck some 3’-4’ branches in the ground for the peas,
And to my surprise I ended up with a row of plum trees,.
I still have some I could send cuttings of in the spring if you remind me.
I have since essentially gave up on plum due to black knot here.
These myro… Rootstock have never had black knot or a flower or fruit.15yrs
They do like the heavy clay soil
I stuck them in early spring, just as they were braking dormancy ,as I recall
Pea planting time

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There was some discussion in this thread.

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Thank You for the offer and information