Plum disease id needed

I was pruning some black knot out of my Methley plum and came across the gyk in the attached pictures. Is this the beginning of a new knot or something entirely different?


Looks like a mummified fruit, however, I have seen black knot start out that color.

Brown rot mummy from last yr?

We got hit with a late frost last year so the methley didn’t produce any fruit. The pictures I looked at on line match up with what @fruitnut said. Still not sure what this is. I cut out the section that had it just in case it’s black knot.

How do trees that are fruiting handle being pruned? I had to take out a number of limbs that were tainted with black knot.

Do a internet search for Brown Rot and look at the pictures. You’ll see your fruit.

Another vote for brown rot. If you can spray it with Bonide Infuse. I use Indar but it is harder to acquire in a small amount.