Plum eating worm — please ID this caterpillar

I found this small caterpillar feeding inside my plum. So far I found and squished three of these worms. Affected plums were tiny — less than pea size. Can anybody ID this pest?

I don’t have any direct experience with this one, but it looks to be one of the borers. You may need to deep dive into the UC Davis IPM site among others for a more accurate ID. Alternatively, bag some up and take them to a licensed nurseryman from a reputable independent nursery.


I think MrClint is right on. Google Lesser Peach Tree Borer, they look very similar.


Possibly a Peach Twig Borer larva. Brady

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Thanks, Brady. It’s quite possible, since I did have a few twigs on nearby peach trees affected. I destroyed all worms I found in plum fruit and in affected peach twigs (both look similar but I did not have a chance to photo the latter), and I did not see any additional damage for several days.