Plum ID, which variety is this Plum?

The label is Superior but those who know Superior said the flesh is yellow. So, these are not Superior? What are they?

They are large ( almost the size of a small nectarine), heart shape with a mix color of varying color of red. The inside is all red, cling stone. Very juicy, sweet with a bit of sour taste ( good blend) and some sour on skin. Brix was 18.

Definitely late plum, just picked yesterday, 8/30. It could be a J. plum or a pluot? Any suggestion?

@thecityman, can this be the Dragon Tears?


Elephant Heart?


EH looks very similar. The only different is pics of EH on a few nusery sites I checked have free stones. Mine is definitely a cling stone tyoe.

That looks identical to Redheart plum photos on the Stark Bros website. The bottom looks too pointy to be their Starking Delicious.

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I don’t have Red Heart but if a person I swapped scion with mistakenly sent it to me, it’d be it.

I have Broken Heart, Elelphant Heart and Purple Heart. No Red Heart.

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I don’t think it is Dragon Tears. THey are completely round and the outside isn’t exactly like that and the inside of DT is darker red. But I can’t 100% rule it out. The inside color of DT does go through a phase where the inside is that color, and the outside is close enough that it could just be caused by some other natural factor like amount of sun, etc. But if you remember the story behind how I aquired `the DT, it just seems impossible to me that the same scenario could happen twice and you ended up buying one also. You said the tag said superior- I’m assuming you mean the tag on it when you bought it. But maybe you meant your own tag said superior and you are thinking YOU could have mislabeled once of the scions I sent you. which is it? You bought it with a Superior tag or it is a graft that you labeled Superior?

If it is DT then it would be better if allowed to soften on the tree (I know- the longer on the tree the more likely a critter will steal or ruin it). If tree softened, the inside will be very, very dark red. The taste will be super sweet.

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Thanks for your response.
It was a scionwood that I swapped from someone. There were a few years that I swapped numerous scion with several people.

It was either I mislabeled or whoever sent “Superior” to me sent me a wrong variety.

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ahhhhh, ok. Well, that being the case I cannot absolutely 100% rule out Dragon Tears. But didn’t any of the Dragon Tear Scion I sent you a couple years ago produce this year so that you could compare them?

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Due to very wet spring, all my pluots abd J plums barely set fruit.

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We had a cold wet season so far, and this was growing on the tree lawn of a vacant house in my neighborhood. The camera makes it look deeper red than it is. Ripened early-mid August.

Looks to be a dead-ringer for Redheart, and very similar to yours. Kinda watery and lacking flavor, likely weather related.


Dear M
I am sure that I will be able to identify this plum of yours - if you immediately get a box, carefully wrap a dozen (or so) of these beauties, and ship them to me - for a positive ID taste test.
Seriously . . . they look wonderful! At the moment I am keeping an eye on my pomegranates - to make sure that Dorian does not tear them off the tree! So far so good . . . but the bulk of the winds won’t hit till tonight.

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I just ate my last mystery plum last night. It was juicy and sweet. I bet it’s a pluot.

Anyone who have Elephant Heart, Red Heart, Broken Heart plums, could you please post their pics?

I have Elephant Heart and Broken Heart Plums.
Here is a fruit,what is suppose to be Elephant Heart on about a two year graft.The wood probably came from Bob Purvis.

The two Broken Heart fruit fell to the ground a day or two ago and I ate them,but here are photos from August 2019.Note the distinctive purple line,along the suture and the streaked coloring in the flesh.


This is my Elephant Heart.

The scionwood was from a EH tree sold at Costco.

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Wonder if anyone can figure out what Asian plum is this. The size is ona medium to large (a bit smaller than Elephant Heart). Very productive.

The one I eat today was not fully ripe, very juicy but had brix at 8 !!

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Is it possible a unripe splash?

I don’t have Splash but from what I read, it is very orange. Mine is more pale yellow with some red blush. Based on the pic from Dave Wilson, mine is not Splash pluot.

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Unfortunately, no I had Lavina so I see their differences in size, taste and texture. I wish my Lavina were this big!