Plum leaves turning red and wilting

What do you think is the problem? My plum tree I planted last year had several black molds growing on the branches. I cut back the infected branches. There are still some branches with popped out gashes, including the main trunk. Last week the leaves started turning red. This week it started wilting. I watered it a lot yesterday, and it has been raining every few afternoons. I have been spraying Serenade once a week all summer, because we got a bad case of rust on the pear tree and apple scab killed one tree last summer. I checked the soil, and it’s comfortably damp, not too wet or dry. I had covered the soil with a black landscape fabric in the winter and just kept it on, so the lawnmower doesn’t blow away the mulch this summer. I also checked the root ball. It looks Orange at the crown. Last summer, my apricot had some gummosis that I had to remove, but I didn’t see any here. Maybe one small ball of gum, but no cuts or oozes. I also found an insect disguised as the bark, shaking around. I have been recovering from a surgery this summer, so I haven’t been as involved with my plants as previous years. Should I fertilize, stop watering it for a week, or look for some other problem signs? Thanks! IMG_1664 IMG_1665 IMG_1666 IMG_1667