Plum/Pluot leaf disease? ID please

My environment is south east ny zone 7b. The containerized pluot (FK, FS) plum (burgundy) are on citation rootstock. When the leaf came up each spring, some portion of the leave are lack of chlorophyll (white), some of the leaves recovered, some weren’t and later wilted/crispy and created irregular shape of leaves (see photo below). Burgundy plum is most severe (50% of leaves), FK/FS are about (30% of leaves)

What’s my problem here?

  • bacterial / fungal problem?
  • nutrients issue?
  • temperature issue? when leaf out?

Thank you very much


Did they start like this? Did they start to grow inside or behind a window? That resembles sunburn on leafes not hardened to sunlight enough. But then the leafes start healthy and after they are put into sunlight they start to show those symptoms.


It looks like you rotated the pot and fried some of the leaves that were shaded before.

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Yeah. Looks like sunburnt leaves.

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Thank you all.

Yes, these container trees were overwinter indoor during winter. They more or less leaf out during indoor.
I am surprised that plum/pluot leaves sunburn so easily. at least, not some type of disease. :slight_smile:
Next year, I am planning keep them outdoor, hopefully this won’t be the issue any more.