Plum tree blooming for second time!?

So, I have 2 Superior plum tree’s that I planted last year. One was a potted tree from Lowe’s, and the other bare root from Stark Bro’s. Both have set nice crops of fruit that are close to 2 inches now, however the Stark Bro’s tree is now putting out blossoms all over the tree on this years new growth. . . what gives? The tree from Lowes is not putting out any additional blossoms.

Any chance it’s a multi-bud?

No need to look a gift horse in the mouth!

Matt- by multi bud, do you mean multi graft? It was just a stick with roots when I got it. . . in many cases the flowers are coming on new growth on the tips of mature branches which are carrying fruit, so, they definitely are the same variety.
Just wondering if anyone else has seen this on plums, or has an explanation

Happens every year in my climate on lower-chill prunus.

It’s not unusual to get a small second bloom in fall. But it’s very unusual this time of yr.

Could you post a picture?

Here you go guys, the top picture you can see the flowers definitely are coming from the end of 6 inch new growth. I only have 3 yrs experience with fruit trees, but I’ve never seen anything like it. Thanks

The middle picture shows a part vegetative part reproductive shoot that are usually forced by pruning. It’s most common on blueberry and grapes. It’s just an oddity and probably won’t set fruit.

Mike, keep in mind that your climate is much different than mine so folks in your zone will offer sage advice.

At the same time, in my climate a second bloom is a common occurrence – not only on new growth but also from older hardwood.

Thanks Richard, Fruitnut, I agree, its doubtful they will fruit (no cross pollinator for one thing), very interesting though.

Hi Mike! My Reine Claude de Bavay plum produces three to four blossoms in July. Sometimes it skips a summer. No fruit from these flowers they just drop. Its fun to see them though!

Thanks for the input mrsg, enjoyed your posts over the years

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My Superior plum is blooming on one shoot right now.

So maybe this is a strange trait of that particular cultivar?

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I have 2 Superior growing side by side, one from Lowe’s and one from Stark Bro’s, not sure of the root stock. Only the one from Stark Bro’s has exhibited that 2nd blooming characteristic FWIW. It’s kind of cool looking though, eh?

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My Superior plum is doing the same thing. I have one healthy looking plum about 1" long and now there are several flower clusters popping up. It also did this last year, but no fruit. Also leaf production is kind of sporadic for the second year in a row. Other hybrid plums nearby are perfectly normal.

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Yeah, Superior seems to have a bit of a weird growth habit gauging from mine and pictures of others posted on this site. It will often have long branches devoid of leaves for long stretches, then clumps of foliage at the ends. Reminds me of the tree’s from the Dr. Suess books. . .