Plumcot Identification

So in 2018 I bought a few trees from Willis Orchards.

One was simply labeled Plumcot Hybrid. I contacted Willis a few years later and they never responded to my inquiry on what the variety of the tree is.

It wasn’t labeled as a pluot.

A few years ago I got a surprise first fruit. I remember it was juju 4th and as I got out of my car it caught my eye. To my taste buds it was perfectly ripe, so I am not sure how the color would have changed if left for longer.

See the first 3 photos of that fruit.

The last photo is how it is shown on the Willis website, still simply named “Plumcot Hybrid”.

Any ideas?



Hi Phil, don’t rack your brains, it’s easy to identify.
It is the Plum Parfait variety of plumcot.
I have this variety in my orchard and it is exactly the same as yours, both the size and the color of the skin and flesh.

Good plumcot variety but Flavorella is better .


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Thanks @Jose-Albacete

Looks like the advertisement photo is not the same fruit? Or simply let to ripen further than I did?

Not knowing what it is supposed to taste like, I simply enjoyed it as it was a surprise. It’s been too long ago to describe the flavor, but I’m OK with a sweet and tart plum so perhaps if it was underripe I still enjoyed it.

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Most non-specialized nurseries put inappropriate photographs on the labels.
I use a ruler to know the proper point of ripeness for pluots and plumcots, since these varieties must complete their full ripeness on the tree.
When I see that three or four fruits fall to the ground because they have fully matured, it is the right moment to harvest them, since the fruits of the tree will still be firm, but they will have reached their maximum expression of flavor (the last week of maturation in the tree is crucial) , but Phil, don’t waste your orchard space with plumcots.
I have these :

  • Flavorella
  • Sultry Sunset
  • Plum Parfait
  • Hesse
  • Spring Satin
    And some Europeans.

They have nothing to do with the good varieties of Zaiger pluots.

From the “for hone gardens” series, there are exquisite varieties, and very easy to find (even in the forum there will be someone who will send you graft cuttings).

These are essential:

  • Flavor Supreme
  • Flavor King
  • Flavor Finale
  • Dapple Dandy
  • Dapple Supreme
  • Geo Pride
  • Flavor Grenade (this variety is different from the previous ones and in its flavor you will find reminiscences of tropical fruits)

Zaiger pluots are delicious.



Thank you @Jose-Albacete

Many of those you listed are on my list for possible scion search.

I have a Flavor Grenade already that a late freeze zapped for any possible fruit this past spring. This is the second year in the ground here so it is on its 4th leaf, maybe 5th.

Next year it should set fruit.

Anyway I am planning on grafting a few to the FG. Was looking at Geo, FK, Flavorella, maybe Splash.

The Plumcot you helped me identify is a 5 year old in the ground tree, so 7th leaf. It was my Guinea pig grafting tree this spring.

Unfortunately it is in a horrible location for sun so it grows leggy and will have some issues setting much fruit. It’s OK. I can graft many varieties on it to host for future grafting onto new trees.

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Hello Jose,
I bought a tree,that was labelled Sultry Sunset,but later found out,was probably a variety of European Plum.I was considering getting another,although it seems like your opinion is not very favorable,compared to some,like Zaiger’s Pluots,of which I have a few.Maybe save my money?

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Hi Brady.
Think about it this way.
We are mere hobbyists and fruit trees are our hobby, there are those who collect stamps, other vinyl music records, etc…
We are passionate about fruit trees, and since it is our hobby, it has a certain component of collecting varieties, to test them and enjoy eating delicious fruit with our families.
If you have a lot of land, as is my case, I recommend prioritizing good varieties of pluots before plumcots, since pluots have more powerful and complex flavors than plumcots (Flavorella and Hesse are very good).

I would spend my money on a good pluot from Zaiger rather than on a plumcot.

If your collection of pluots is very extensive, continue with the plumcots



What do you think of sweet treat pluerry? I find the flavor very similar to geo pride pluot, but could just be my palate or growing conditions. I actually prefer sweet treat to this point.

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The pluerrys are very interesting varieties due to their flavor.
It’s a real shame that they have medium-small caliber of fruit.
If these varieties had a large caliber (200 grams of weight each fruit), they would be true champions.
I have these varieties:

  • Sweet Treat
  • Candy Heart
  • Sugar Twist
  • Flavor Punch

All are characterized by extreme sweetness, my favorite variety without a doubt is Flavor Punch



I have flavor punch ordered for next season. I will be excited to try in a couple years.


Phillip, my brother when he tries the Flavor Punch variety every year, he always says the same thing, "fuck is small but bully " hahahahaha.

It’s super-hyper-sweet


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