Plums in Maine

Oblinaya is clingstone, flavor is good if not fairly typical for a Japanese type. It’s nice and early and seems somewhat pest and disease resistant, which makes it a winner in my yard. Just started picking them, only Kuban Comet is earlier.


I’ve been searching for early plums. Which of those would you say is the best?

Purple Heart is my fav, but you will need another early blooming Japanese type to pollinate

Are there any self pollinating plums that are good for zone 6?

Nothing that is alleged to bear as consistently with or without a pollinator, but you can start with one tree and graft other varieties on it. J. plums are real easy. Choose a vigorous, relatively cold hardy variety like Shiro and add to it once it is plugged in.

Can you link the recipe? I may be making some Nadia Cherry Plum and/or AU Producer jam this weekend.