Pluot growth rate(s)


Is there any list that details the growth rate(s) of the various varieties? I recently picked up a 3-in 1 with Splash, Emerald Drop and Flavor Grenade. This Fall I’d like to plant one with Flavor King, Flavor Finale and Geo Pride.

I want to plant these appropriately so that one variety doesn’t shade out the other. Also need to know which ones will be the most aggressive so that I can watch/prune them closely! This will be my first go with pluots and also with a multi grafted tree and I’m very excited!


My Flavor Grenade on Citation rootstock is growing at the same rate that my other pit fruits on Citation are growing.

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Of those six the Flavor King is the weakest grower. The other five have good and roughly equal vigor. Just in case you are eyeing others the really strong growing pluot is Flavor Supreme. It’s hard to keep under control.


Thanks, fruitnut! You have no idea how many of YOUR posts I have gone through and I picked all the low chill varieties based on those postings. I decided to pass on FS because of the vigor and the spotty fruit set you have discussed in other postings. I’ll make sure to plan accordingly when I position the FK. Thanks again!

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You’re welcome Sarah. And good luck with those pluots. I hope you’re in a dry summer climate. That’s the real key to growing pluots.


I’m in the Phoenix area so it doesn’t get much drier! :grin:

Splash grows 3 times faster than any other pluot I have. I have to prune it back on my 3-1 several times do it doesn’t take over the Emerald Drop and the Geo Pride.

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All of the pluots I’m growing seem to grow fast. I put in several grafts of Flavor Supreme this year and it is the fastest growing scion wood I’ve ever grafted. All of the grafts are thriving. Flavor Grenade also grows well.

In warm winter climates it’s possible that lack of chilling could affect growth rate. Usually the effect is more on when growth starts than on the rate after it starts.

I have no experience in low chill production. Mine get plenty of chilling.