Pluot Tree Chlorosis

My 3-in-1 pluot tree has what appears to be chlorosis on lower leaves: a yellowing between veins. The tree appears to have plenty of vigor: set ample fruit and has lots of new growth this year. Neighboring cherry trees, apple trees, and plum don’t show this type of symptom. I’ve checked wetness, and it stays a bit on dry side. Each year I put out compost around trees in October (before 1st rain) and a handful of Grow Power at bud break. Any thoughts?

That’s probably iron deficiency. If so chelated iron is a good preventative. It won’t help those leaves. I’ve had best results with a soil application prior to deficiency.

That severity won’t hurt anything.

What is the soil’s pH?

The ph measures around 7.5, so alkaline.
Some more info: our soil texture is clay, and the trees are in raised bed for drainage. The plout tree is from DWN, purchased bare root, and planted four years ago. Our water has gotten “harder” over the past 2 years.

So you could also try pelletized sulfur for a longer lasting solution.

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Yes, looking in my Mid-Atlantic orchard management guide it certainly is a dead ringer for manganese deficiency. Try the iron chelate spray and if the leaves don’t green up you will know it is manganese.

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I had this problem in my clay soil I used manganese sulfate and it worked extremely well. In my area it is at very low levels in the soil. The pH is 6.5 in my clay, it’s not a pH issue in my area.

Thank you all for helpful replies. I have a bag of Epsom Salts sitting around, which I can use for manganese sulfate suggestion. And if continues, possibly cañonazo suggested by Jose.

Epsom salts is magnesium sulfate. Manganese is needed in much smaller amounts. You might need to use a complete fertilizer because a straight manganese compound will probably be difficult to find.


I got mine on Amazon, but I agree, you need so little. I used a foliar spray and put it under the mulch in the spring. I heard the sulfate is not easily absorbed. One of the methods worked though. I have not seen any signs since. My raspberries too needed it. Much better since application.

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Yes, thanks for pointing out. I side tracked myself with epson salts… I am going to get micro nutrient fertilizer which includes Mn and Fe. I am thinking of applying via my irrigation. As Jose pointed out this inexpensive solution.