Pluots at Sam's from Chile by Oppy Company for now

I get my pluots fix for now while waiting for summer harvest of my own pluots such as FK, FS, FG, …


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Any idea the variety/? When i was in there a few weeks ago they had Dapple Dandy…

A virtue of pluots is that they often get up high sugar when still firm and can be stored for weeks in refrigeration and still hold good quality.

Of course, there may be more gratification when a fruit experience from your own tree cannot be otherwise duplicated. This is a good case for growing high quality peaches and nectarines (especially nectarines. Right, FN?).


They are Dapple Dandy, Flavor Fall, and Flavor Rich. My kids liked them for now but they loved the ones fresh ripened from my trees in the Summer.



I take it you’re in zone 5. Are all your trees in ground, or are any in pots?

90 % of my trees are in ground. I am doing a trial with 10 plus Kaki persimmons that I grafted the last few years in pots to see if I can get them to fruit in a bush form.


So even the pluots are in ground… how often do you NOT get fruit? I assume you’ve had more than 1 year with them. …

I get fruits every year with my late frost protection with a Home depot tarp and a light bulb. I kept the trees about 7 feet for easy wrapping. Usually late frost only hit Us a night or two every other year. Heat source with a tarp wrap the whole tree is the way to go to protect the flowers from being zap by late frost. BTW the trees were planted 5 yrs ago.