Can the Administrators see all of our PM/‘s? Well can you?

We can see them but we should not be looking at them. Let me know if you expect any admin is reading your PMs.

Its unfortunate that there is no way to remove that feature, I don’t know why they have it set up that way.

What are you saying Scott? Of course we shouldn’t be spying on other people’s mail, but if we can’t, why is it an issue? I am now curious why Mrs. G. seems to be afraid she’s being spied on, but that is just an instinctive response, and not one I will indulge in.

I doubt there’s much of anything in people’s personal messaging that would surprise me anyway.

Sorry that was a typo, I fixed it.

Note that I looked around and found a new option in which admins looking at PMs can be logged and I have turned on that option. So, while they were not logged before now they are logged from now on.


Damn, and Mrs. G just got me excited about the possibilities of peeping.:wink:

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I can honestly say as an admin I’ve never looked at anyone’s PMs. As admins we’ve discussed this several times before and agreed it would be in very dishonorable and an admin policy violation to look at another member’s PM. Sort of like as a guest, rifling through the hosts dresser while the host is out.

In past admin discussions about this it was concluded that it was a “bug” for the Discourse program to allow viewing PMs without being logged. I’m glad Scott found the switch to turn on the log.

Now if an admin looks at a PM other than his/her own, it will be logged. All other admins will know it, and know that a policy violation has occurred. I think members can rest assured their PMs are really private.


Olpea you were never accused, you were only asked. Clark, Scott, Mam, and you,I trust. I must respond because you have a conscience as do I. I love this place and I hate seeing it sullied with stuff we really do not need. As for the admins., you are here to serve the membership, as any good club or site is run. A vote would have been good if the membership were included. I think we feel as if five people really run this instead of the membership and we are not heard. Not making waves is not making a decision, I am really at a loss, to understand, as I have been a member for so long. I do not agree with caving in to one admin, which you have all done. I love honesty that you all have shown,me besides volumes of knowledge and I thank you. I too, however, have a conscience , and I cannot give into anothers opinions that if not followed or agreed to, make you a bad guy. I am not and never will be a bad guy. I am fair, and clean of all of this dallyience, It saddens me really. As Lois said, this was my respite. I lost my mother two years ago, and my husband this past May. I bought a puppy to keep me company. I would go to this site nightly, to learn and hopefully share my knowledge of what I ahave learned from you all over the past 13 years ; including the other site. I cannot stand how this has made me feel. Basically let down. Thank you for your kind words Olpea.

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Mrs. G,

Thank you for your kinds words to me. And I agree, admins are here to serve the membership (although sometimes different members are occasionally at odds with one another, so that admin part can be thankless sometimes). But I do enjoy serving and try to take the task seriously.

I’m sorry to hear some of the personal losses you have experienced the last couple years. I know of course you didn’t mention it for sympathy sake, but still it’s sad to hear you lost people so close to you.

I’m looking forward to hear more of your successes this next summer, as well (hopefully) of pics of the puppy growing.


Scott, by any chance is there a record that shows whether any staff has logged into personal messaging? As long as Mrs. G passively suggests she doesn’t trust me or believe I have a conscience, maybe you could reassure her that I haven’t been peeping into her private conversations.

There are ways to do it but it involves a lot of work, its not in the GF logs but its in the web server logs. So you can probably assume its not going to happen.

My suggestion is we move on to fruit topics :grin:


I’m not familiar with Discourse, but all the forum softwares I’m familiar with allow PM’s to be accessed by admins. There is a reason for that - say someone uses the PM system to do something illegal, the owner(s) of the site are responsible for what happens at their site, so they should have access if it’s necessary. Or say someone gets inappropriate PM and reports it - admins should have access… ect.

As for the logs - whoever has access to the database (backups too) has access to everything, with one conditional exception - only the passwords are encrypted and out of reach to admins or anyone else (unless encryption is compromised), everything else is accessible.

Simply do not use PM`s for sensitive information.


I am not familiar with the issue(s) at hand either, but I wanted to take a moment to thank Scott and the Admins for keeping this site, for the most part, relevant and friendly. Most of us have probably experienced other sites and seen how they deteriorate over time through conflict. It appears to be our natural human process unfortunately. Hopefully that never happens here. Thank you and here’s to a great fruit-growing future. Bob