Poison Ivy info-

Worth your time, I hope not!


I try to point out poison ivy to my kids any time we pass it, they’re getting pretty good at identifying it. Hopefully good enough that they can avoid it better than I did as a kid.

This is a great video about how to remove the urushiol oil if you do get in poison ivy. Basically, imagine you are trying to remove thick grease from your skin: use lots of soap and thoroughly scrub the area with a washcloth. This method has kept me poison ivy free for the last ten years!


Last week I ripped out a wall of Ivy, Poison Ivy and Greenbrier. I didn’t wear glove or protection because I hate my self. Fortunately nature is kind to me and I dont have serious reactions to Poison Ivy


The problem is you can develop a reaction with no warning. A friend of mine had never gotten it, then at 30 years old he cleaned out some brush and had such a bad reaction he had to go to the hospital.

God I hate poison ivy so much…

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Ugh, that stuff. Got too cocky ripping out a bunch of it last year, because I’d never gotten a rash from it before. Cheap disposable gloves and a sleeveless shirt were the wrooong call. Two weeks later, my arms were a mess; I was miserable for a month.

Will not be making that mistake again. Now, when I go near poison ivy, I suit up like I’m walking on the freaking moon. And Tecnu is my new best friend:

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im glad it doesnt grow this far north. my father got it bad when we lived in Ct. was working for DOT removing briars. got cut up from the briars then got the poisin ivy in the scrapes and cuts! saw pics my mother took! it all most killed him! spent 2 weeks in the hospital.