Polar Vortex cleanup time

Rough Fall, rough winter, rough spring. Finished Polar Vortex cleanup, lots of dead stuff. 3 Polar Vortex’s, 2 years in a row. Some were not hardened in the fall. Didn’t expect that much damage. Persimmon pretty much gone.


Sorry to hear about the losses, Bob.

What varieties of your persimmons that were gone?

Got a Giombo left, KBS gone, Sayo gone ,R/B gone, Pulu gone, a few more down the hill haven’t check them most likely gone, I don’t go down there anymore, can go down but not uphill to go back!! Tippy 84, can still do it but it ain’t going to happen. Down below got more trees than uphill, some don’t have tags anymore, too old, around 10/12 years old.
Tippy, your Abe Fetel doing fine! Thanks.

All sweet memories!


So sorry to hear this,Bob.

You have been very generous to us with scionwood. If you want the scionwood of the varieties you lost, I am sure we are happy to send it to you.

There are people who grow persimmons in ground in zone 6a, 6b like @BobVance , @galinas, @jrd51 , @PharmerDrewee , @disc4tw, etc.

Hearing about your experience re. deep freeze killing persimmons after many successful years is a sobering tale.


But still a good sense of fun with the label “Polar Vortex Express”. :slight_smile:

Any estimate on the lowest sustained temperature that your Giombo survived?

sorry to hear this Bob.
I hope your citrus trees did well inside.

Richard, I do believe the fall of 2022it got down to minus 7* first night and plus 2 the following night, October 17 I believe. Richard, I am not that great mastering my new cell phone.
Still using my little notebook. Got a total of 4 notebooks, 3 big ones and one much smaller, since the early seventies. They are full of corrections.
I know most members here are using their phones for everything, I don’t.


Steve, my figs and my citrus collection are doing great. They are outside for a month, sometime in March. Btw, my rainwater collection are back to about 1000 gallons which wasn’t enough for last year drought. Had to use a lot of lake water. Hundred gallons per trip.

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Are you near Bentonville? The general local didn’t register -7F so you must be really high in elevation.

Thank you, I believe @Barkslip will appreciate that survival and kill temperature for those persimmon cultivars.

I’m somewhat the same way about my cellphone - there are times I’d rather use my desktop computer for the message boards.

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That graph is not accurate. It doesn’t show some freaking low temps. That’s average temperatures for my area. Just 1200 f above sea level. A lot of 20*s.
Polar Vortex doesn’t look at graphs. It seams the norm now for the last 3 years.

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Sorry to hear this…

If I am much younger,I would cry a bit. At this age it’s more of a blessing. Had my fun making my own trees and getting plenty fruits from them, it’s been a trip.
Love it!!
All my container figs and 36 mandarins and Pomelo’s are doing great, no Poler Vortex to worry about.

Thanks Galina.


It is a great view of things!

All of my plants seem to have survived. The persimmons and the apricot seem to be coming out later or I don’t know what their swell looks like yet but everything else is alive and thriving. I am quite lucky.

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I’m borderline 7a, depending on the map. Especially where I have most of my persimmons planted now (1-2 miles from the coast instead of 5 miles inland).

Things seem very hit or miss. I had a Jiro die, but one at this site is doing well.

But, I have a IKKJ with lots of dieback which is near the good Jiro. And I have a perfectly fine IKKJ which is near the dead Jiro. When I say near, I don’t mean 10 ft. More like 10-20 houses down the road. While 1 Jiro is a 15-20 minute drive from the other. And none of these 4 are close to buildings, though I do have some like that and all of those seem fine.


Which is funny because nursery claim IKKJ are the most cold hardy non astringent and that they are hardy to zone 6 yet zone 7 experiences dieback.

Polar Vortex does crazy things, left this tree for dead, than it’s coming back with a vengeance, crazy? All others in the field not so lucky.n



Sorry to hear about your Kaki. Too bad you didn’t have a few hybrids like JT-02, Kasandra, or Rossyanka.


Tony, to many persimmon problems getting rid of in my neck of the woods has not been good. My persimmon project has pretty much been replace by citrus and figs… don’t know when that comes to an end. Picking up on vegetables now.
Remember those pepper seeds you send me, wife find them a little hot, I like them.

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