Pollination for Korean Giant Pear

I have taken the step and finally ordered an Asian pear. I am concerned about pollination, as most nurseries suggest a second Asian pear to pollinate it. I have the following Euro pears that I hope will pollinate my new tree arriving this spring. I have Seckel, Bartlett, Flemish Beauty and Abate Fetel. Will any of these pollinate my Korean Giant? Hope so.

Bartlett should as far as I know.


My understanding that asian and euro pears can cross pollinate but generally bloom at different times. Bartlett blooms over a long period, if I recall.

My Harrow Sweet blooms about the same time as my Korean Giant, 20 th Century and Hosui.

I always think any pears that blooms at the same time can cross pollinate, same as cherries.

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Sorry, Not really like cherries. Cherries are pickier re. Pollen compatibility.