Pollinator for Dapple Supreme pluot?

I think this is the tree’s fourth season in my yard and second season producing fruit, but it’s set very, very few fruit both last year (8) and this year (4). My neighbor has a large, old plum tree that blooms around the same time, but I guess it’s not working as a pollinator. I know I need something that blooms at the same time (which itself seems like a challenge, since my tree blooms over maybe a two week period), but does it also matter what species/variety the pollinator is? Like (assuming appropriate timing) can an Italian plum, or an hybrid like Santa Rosa, pollinate a pluot?

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Those of us with many varieties don’t know what pollinates what. But any pluot or J plum that blooms at the same time has a decent chance of helping. Mine got pollinated this yr with Flavor Supreme and Geo Pride pluots along with Emerald Beaut plum nearby. Santa Rosa would be a good choice to try.