Pomegranate Appreciation

Hi there, I just wanted to share some exciting news, I planted this tree last spring sometime in may, so it’s my first full spring season and it’s already producing buds! I was so excited so I wanted to share. This is the Eversweet pomegranate. Im hoping I get a few poms.

Does anyone else grow pomegranates? I would love to see your trees and collections.

I have developed a bit of an obsession with them and my collection is now up to 30+ :sweat_smile:

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Hello welcome to forums. Looks like a great tree.

I would say for a majority of folks in this forum, pomegranate would be a dream to grow but climate is too cold. I wanted to grow some but am afraid it would die back each year.

Ah, yeah. I do get dry hot summers here.
There are some cold hardy ones, but can’t really verify how true that is. What zone are you in?

If you click on the avatar of most folks, it will show their zone and location if they decide to divulge it.

I’m in between 6B/7A.

Ah got it, newbie mistake lol. Thanks

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I tried, but the one in a pot never thrived (I never figured out why. humidity?) and the one in-ground didn’t survive the second winter.

I had terrible fruit rot problems too, but Pomgranny said later that you can just cut the flower end off and stop the rot. I might try again at some point and try to protect it better, or use a grow bag instead of a pot. The growth & flowering habits seem different from figs so I’m not sure it will really work.

@Killualovespoms – welcome to GrowingFruit!

Eversweet is a great pomegranate for central and southern CA!
Congratulations on those buds. Don’t be surprised if you have more blossoms in a month or two. Male flowers usually occur on branch tips, while female flowers are a few to a dozen nodes behind them.