Pomegranate cuttings

Just for grins, I started a few pom cuttings this year:

So far, two out of eight are really taking off.

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Looks great.

How long ago did you start them? Also did you cover them in any way to keep up the humidity?



Sorry, not much of a note taker, so I can’t give you a precise timeframe on when they were started. It was at least three weeks ago, maybe four? I did my pom Winter pruning shortly before the tree started leafing out. From the pruned out wood I took 6"-9" cuttings that were about pencil thickness. No real effort to be honest. No rooting hormone either. Just kept the potting soil moist and placed the tray in the garage. Time will tell if these sticks have roots. The tray is outside on the North side of the garage right now, since we are having a heat wave. :sunglasses:

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I hope you add updates on the rooting.
How warm of a heat wave?

The dashing MrsClint said the car thermometer read 93* today. A slight whirring sound was heard a short time later – right after the house AC was switched on. :open_mouth:

How are your cuttings doing? Any idea if you have roots? Good luck.

The cuttings are doing fine. The first couple sprouted leaves from the top of the cutting, while a little later some started sprouting from buds farther down the stem. Still don’t know if they have roots or not. Waiting to see if roots come out the bottom. At that point I’ll pot them up.

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I am getting 100% success on my 20 or so pomegranate scions leafing out that I got from the USDA. Just followed some simple steps I found online so looks like they root pretty easily.

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I pulled up one of the cuttings that had leaves on it and I didn’t notice any observable roots. I still have the tray in a shady spot so they don’t dry out. Time will tell.

Chris, did you use any rooting hormone? And do you know for sure if you have roots? I have some cuttings starting to leaf out and used Clonex with them, but no idea if they have roots so I’m keeping them pretty moist.

I’m also curious if you cut the cuttings from USDA in half or if you’ve got 10 or so inches down into the media.


Zendog, I did use some Dip N Grow hormone, I stuck the entire scions in 5 and 10 gallon pots about 2-3 weeks ago so I doubt they have any root system, pretty much followed the recommendations on this web site:

This is only my second time rooting pomegranates.Last time I left the scions in the pots all season and the following spring dumped out the pots and each scion had a nice root system and was ready to transplant.

Well, the majority of the cuttings took root and are growing on their own now. This is the best of the lot:

I like that this one already has three primary branches, which is how I train all my poms. Definitely a keeper.



I must say I am impressed by how well your Granada cuttings rooted. Almost 100% success rate.

I put them through the same process as figs, and they seem to be doing even better than the figs. I did nothing special for them; in fact, they were sort of given the rough treatment. I had them in the plastic rooting bin in the house in a shady corner for about a month. Dampened peat/perlite mix. No hormone. They each put out a modest set of roots— nothing spectacular. Eventually, I potted them all up in the same underwhelmingly-sized pot (all I had on hand), and put a thin layer of shredded pine bark mulch on top.

I let the pot sit outside in a shady place for only a few days (it got POUNDED by rain)… and then put it DIRECTLY into FULL SUN (it got POUNDED by rain AGAIN). I figured poms like full sun… but subconsciously, I was almost daring them to die.

To my astonishment, the cuttings look pretty good. No leaf burn. New growth is reaching straight up. Impressive!

Now… if only I could get these things to set flowers and fruit…

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Alright good job! I killed the ones you sent. I’m having a bad year in some ways although good in others.

It took me 6 months to root this cutting but now it is budding…who knows if this will drop.

What do you mean by drop?

Probably the flower buds, they often drop on young trees. Mine all did the first year they flowered, I can’t say more as that is this year. Some started to swell a fruit but dropped, may be a pollination issue? Not worried about it, I have 4 varieties rooted now. Young fruit trees often drop the first flowers. My romance series tart bush cherries did the same thing, and now fruit like crazy.

Drew just nailed it! Bud drops when young, especially this is a cutting less than 1 year.

Yes they will drop, even in a warm part of Texas in an unusually warm year, even rooted or germinated months ahead of yours they’d have no chance. I think that it has to do with weak thin roots that can not provide the amount of water needed to the flower/fruit. Once I was rooting a cutting, on a much younger cutting than yours a nice big flower formed. The cutting and the flower both dehydrated and perished.

Hello! Very good conversation thread, I would like to see how these little plants are today. On the other hand it would also be interesting to know how they have been pruning those pomegranates.

I have a small plant about 50 cm high and I really don’t know where to start with training pruning. I plan to carry out this task following the advice of this article on pruning of pomegranate tree that seems quite complete, but in the same way I would use the opinion of people who have already passed through my situation. I look forward to your help! :slight_smile:

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