Pomegranate Frosted

I was very sad to see we had a horrible late frost this year. Everything had been growing for weeks, and then we had a weather pattern change. The first day it took minimal damage, last night we had a hard 25 degree freeze. I expected it to flower this year. Do pomegranates flower and fruit after being frosted like this?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it may die back quite a bit, possibly to the roots. Hopefully not, but poms are quite susceptible to damage from late freezes and often won’t rebud from the areas that got zapped. I hope I’m wrong!

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That’s horrible! There is one branch that is hanging on. I will update if it pulls through.

Amazingly it bounced back! Of course it ruined any chance of fruit this year, but it had minimal dieback on the branches!


It looks great! Maybe a little crazy…

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That’s actually a pic from awhile ago, it’s probably twice as large now. I probably won’t worrying about pruning until winter.

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