Pomegranate Growers - Quick Question - Lost labels - Identification Possible?

I have 14 pomegranate bushes planted out from cuttings I received from the U.S. National Plant Germplasm System. Honestly, it’s probably double that, but I tossed some sticks together and I’m growing them as “multi-trunk” things very close together. Unfortunately, in the process of my students placing the cuttings into soil and prepping the cuttings for rooting back in early 2017, labels were misplaced/lost. Are pomegranates identifiable by anything other than their fruit and flowers? As of right now, they’re all putting out incredible, very similar looking, red leaf buds. Looks great! The varieties are limited to:


By the way, all of these survived a confirmed 8 degree low. All are putting out leaves and, although some were eaten back a bit by the rabbits, they are healthy looking. I’m really hoping these things work out for my area of Texas.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks y’all!

Identification from fruit is possible if you are familiar with the taste and color of the cultivars.


Only tasted a Wonderful unfortunately. I’m trying to track down pictures of leaves/limbs/thorns. Hopefully they differ enough to go that route.

If any of y’all grow these or know a website that would have pictures of these things, that would be helpful.


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Well darn. Okay. Appreciate the information!

Leaf and thorn wont get you a reliable id.

video with two of the vatieties on you list parfianka and al siri nar.

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The only one of your varieties that I’m growing is parfianka. I’d be happy to send you pictures of the fruit when it ripens. The three varieties I’m growing all look the same to me as far as wood and flowers. You could check on seed hardness charts for your varieties also to see if that helps although again it won’t help you prior to fruiting. Hopefully they all end up being delicious!

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I’m sorry I don’t know how to link directly to the thread (can search angel red and pomegranate) but Richard posted this great chart that has some of your varieties, hopefully you can figure it out with some sleuthing!


You have to wait for the fruit. With all fruit details known, ID will be possible.

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Pomegranate info sources:
UC Davis Pomegranate Info
UC Davis Cultivar Table
UC Davis Pomegranate Photo Gallery
Univ. Florida Pomegranate Photo Gallery
ARS Pomegranate Germplasm Collection

Nurseries with large selection of pomegranates:
Green Sea Farms
Pomnatural Nursery
Dave Wilson Nursery

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Thanks y’all! Great information.

I have the same problem, lost tags of Salavatski (2 plants) and Kaj Acik Anor (2). They are in pots. The way they grow makes me think I could guess which two belong to each other. Unfortunately, in my zone, I could not grow them big enough to ever set fruit. Here’s the pic of them in back row ( the front one have tags, I’ve learned) just in case some of you could tell which are which!!!

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