Pomegranate Leaves Curling, HELP!

hello all
so i started this pomegranate tree from my neighbors tree via cuttings, it has been a year and the tree is growing beautifully as i finally planted her in our back yard, recently i noticed some of the leaves are curling in a weird fashion, and i did notice few ants on the stems, but did not find any aphids under the leaves or anywhere really, could the curling be due to over feeding with miracle grow? what could be the issue, any help would be greatly appreciated

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If I had a pomegranate tree with leaves that were curling I would enter them into the Guinness book of world records.

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i dont understand what you mean by this?

I’ve had this on poms before, or something very similar. I was told it might be some type of mites. But I’ve never treated for it and the plants continue to grow and produce fruit.

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just a joke on curling, my favorite sport. I don’t know how to help you with your curling.

I get those curly leaves on my poms too. Primarily on the ‘Parfianka’. I looked into it a year or two ago and chalked it up to being mite activity. Mites rule the roost here, until we get a hard chill at least. I prune those tips and remove them from the property. Poms are tanks that will soldier through anything in my locale.


thanks for the great info, you mention prune, what exactly do you prune? if this is root mite issue, how would i go about fixing the issue?

Definitely could be mites. I’ve noticed aphids can slow the growth of my pom shoots too.

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i have examined and find no mites or aphids on any of the leaves, although i do find one or two ants on the stems which indicate aphids, but none i can see

Mites are hard to see with the naked eyes. You might be able to see spider mites with the naked eyes. But even those are sometimes difficult to see. You would need a magnifying glass or a loupe. I don’t know of any other type of mites that can affect pomegranates. I know with figs there are mites that you can’t even see with a plain magnifying glass. But they seem like a rare occurrence.

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I just did a google search and it looks like “citrus flat mites” are mites that can affect pomegranates. So read about those for a start.

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wait, what?!

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Prune the branches with the mite curled leafs. Poms can handle (if not love) being pruned. Watch out for those thorny branches though.

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