Pomegranate rooted cuttings

I obtained several Pomegranate cuttings earlier this year and now have three pomegranate plants in one gallon pots. Sumbar, Salavatski (Russian 8), and Sverkhranniy. I am in Georgia zone 8a. Can they make it this winter in the open? Should I put them in the ground and if so how much protection should you suggest. Or should I place them in the barn when dormant this fall or for the first few years?

I would probably let them mature for another year or two before putting them in the ground. I’m in Tennessee z7. I have three types of “cold hardy” poms. I initially planted them in the ground, south side of the house. They died back to the ground each winter. Last winter I dug them up, planted them in pots, and over-wintered them in my greenhouse. They survived and look great. I’ll probably just keep them potted as I’m not sure I want to risk putting them back in the ground. Once yours size up, you may have better luck in your slightly warmer zone.

Since they are currently in pots you may as well overwinter them inside and plant in the ground next spring. In your zone they should be OK after that, unless we have an extra bad winter.